Applying to Jobs With My Uploaded Resume
Will I be able to use my Uploaded Resume to apply to jobs?
Yes. All you need to do is to log into MyJobStreet, go to the MyResume section and click on "Upload My Own Resume" under the Uploaded Resume section. Follow the instructions on the page to upload your resume to your MyJobStreet account.

When you apply to jobs, your Uploaded Resume and your JobStreet Profile will be sent automatically to the employers. Employers will be able to view:
  • Your JobStreet Profile
  • Your Uploaded Resume

What happens when I replace my Uploaded Resume?
When you replace your Uploaded Resume, the old file will be overwritten with the latest copy.

After I replace/update my Uploaded Resume, do I need to re-apply to a job to reflect the changes?
No, you do not need to re-apply to a job. The employer will always be able to download the latest version of your Uploaded Resume. Note that the employer may still have access to the version from when you applied to the job.

What happens when I delete my Uploaded Resume?
If you have previously applied to jobs with your Uploaded Resume, it will still be accessible to employers (unless if you re-apply to the job).
For new applications, only your JobStreet Profile will be seen by employers(since you don't have an Uploaded Resume).

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